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There's a reason some pieces of magic are universally powerful. For several years, Thomas Riboulet has performed The Guardians

The Guardians is unique because the entire trick is over before the effect has even started. This is a really beautiful well-constructed routine. Allowing you to be completely free in your performance, with the magic taking place in their hands. 

Two new sandwich concepts: THE SANDSWITCH (main routine) and THE SANDSHIFT (bonus routine) 

A signed selection, placed in the magician's pocket since the beginning, switches place with another selected card to appear inside spectator's hands. The other selection arrives in the pocket. And the best, everything is examinable or can be performed with a borrowed deck. 

The two kings are placed on the top and on the bottom of the deck. A card is selected and it's placed in the middle of the deck. Magically, the two kings disappear to arrive in the middle of the deck, just around the selection. 

Get in on the secret. Download now! 

Easy to learn
Pure sleight of hand 
Very powerful effect 
No gimmick 
Everything is fully examinable 
Everything happens in the spectator's hand 

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